What Makes a Locker Smart?

A seamless User Experience: Reserve, unlock, and manage from smartphone, company RFID card, touchscreen or biometrics | Security | Digital Management | Data Collection

Design Meets Technology

  • Matte powder coat finish, finished on all sides, multiple base options of casters, levelers, and plinth
  • Steel, not laminate
  • Focus on details - steel construction, soft-close hinges, optional perforation for light and air
  • Sustainability - Made(Well) in the USA, made to last
  • Multiple lock technology partners, locker configurations, colors, and door options
  • Integration with other Heartwork products to create a custom office solution: workbars, endcaps, and work aisles

A Seamless User Experience

As a User

  • A smooth experience as you go about your work day
  • Supporting flexible work
  • Connection to your workspace by having something to call “yours” and replacing the traditional desk, chair, and pedestal

As a Facility Manager

  • Collect use-data on a monthly, weekly, daily, even hourly basis
  • Improve your space and resources planning
  • Central management for all lockers, regardless of location
  • No need to keep a ring full of override keys

Smart Technology Options

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