Hybrid work demands flexibility, efficiency, and agility from a company’s culture. Those same values must be embodied in the design of a post-pandemic workplace, too.

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Karen John, Founder & CEO

Maximum Flexibility for how Teams Want to Work Today and Tomorrow

We entered into a world in which open and collaborative spaces are a requirement, and lockers are a big part of it. 

Heartwork lockers can be configured to fit your work space needs while providing safe storage for employee’s personal possessions.  

Enhance Your Heartwork Lockers with Smart Technology

Smart technology makes hybrid work seamless and easy. Smart lockers are a prime example of this as work no longer takes place in a single stationary location. Heartwork Smart Lockers deliver the ultimate hybrid work experience through remote assignment , reservation and touchless access via app or badge. 

Heartwork Storage that meets all Your Hybrid Work Needs

The simplest things are often the most essential, and bookcases are no exception. Whether it's our Active Duty mobile workhorses or our Lego-style Building Block Bookcases that take your fancy, Heartwork has the Bookcase storage solution you need.

Storage on wheels is the savior of the hybrid workspace. Our range of credenzas can store anything, from office equipment to files to snacks and more, able to be wheeled around the office as needed and made from top-quality materials in a range of colors. 


HR and legal departments still need the security of on-site, restricted-access file storage even in this increasingly digital age. This is why we created Heartwork Lateral Files.With two, three, and four lockable drawers and heart-shaped keys, you can rest easy knowing your letter and legal-sized confidentials will stay classified.

Introduce eco-friendly habits into your workplace with our Active Duty recycling Credenza. 

Able to be wheeled around the office, completely recyclable, and with zero off-gassing, it truly is the perfect workplace recycling solution.


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