Cool Office Spotlight: Thismoment in San Francisco

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There’s been a lot of talk about how employees have to be flexible in the workplace. But it’s just as important for furniture and accessories in the workspace to be flexible, too, especially in the tech industry. Heartwork client Kelly Green, who runs facilities and IT for Thismoment, a San Francisco-based content management software company for large brands, knows what it’s like to have to grow and adapt offices frequently. Here, he gives tips for those who seek greater adaptability and explains why he’s passionate that his purchases are made in the USA. 

1. Describe your workplace aesthetic. 
Eames Modern 

2. What were your goals in outfitting your office space? 
Highly flexible for a project team—driven employee base. We have to be able to move quickly to other areas in the office as teams reform into the next project. 

3. You collaborated with Heartwork to create your ideal monitor stand. Please share the story behind it. 
I was tired of products that have parts, screws, bolts, plastic bits – these things come undone and get lost as you go. I had been purchasing monitor stands from a website that had led me to believe that they manufactured in the US. Well, they were made in China and sold by a US distributor. More than half were not usable as soon as I took them out of the box, parts were missing, screw holes were stripped. They were ready for a landfill; it was wasted time and money. I wanted our office to utilize furniture that is made well and MADE IN THE USA, as Heartwork products are. The monitor stand I worked with Heartwork to design is basic and sturdy; it’s honest. 

4. What's your favorite thing in your office? 
My red Heartwork Cargo cabinet, which I use to lock up everything of value.  

5. What advice would you give someone who wants to improve their office space? 
If you think you need to move it, buy it with wheels on it. Purchase timeless design. 

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