A Profound Shift in How We Work

Remote work, hybrid models, and the demand for multifunctional spaces have become standard practice.
The ability to adapt is critical. At Heartwork, we draw inspiration from these changing dynamics to design workplace solutions that meet your needs today — and can evolve alongside you tomorrow. 

A Storage-first Approach

Our storage solutions go beyond mere organization. They serve as the cornerstones of modern workplaces, shaping environments that bring teams together, providing dedicated areas to anchor and secure belongings, and supporting individual and collaborative work.

Our products are modular, mobile, and fully welded, setting us apart from custom build-outs, fixed millwork, and complex storage systems requiring numerous components. The modular nature of our products allows for the stacking and ganging of units to create architectural-scale configurations, defining and demarcating zones throughout a floorplate. Their mobility facilitates quick setup and adjustment, allowing you to easily tailor the space to your needs.

A Palette of Possibilities

The emotional resonance of color has always been central to our design philosophy. Since Heartwork’s inception, we’ve partnered with renowned color expert Laura Guido-Clark of Love Good Color to meticulously craft an exclusive color palette.

This collaboration springs from a shared, unwavering belief in color’s profound influence on mood, productivity, and creativity. The resulting system encompasses a spectrum of hues that can evoke subtlety or boldness, selectively or at scale, while pairing well with other colors and materials across diverse environments. 

A Human Take on Technology

We’re dedicated to exploring how technology can transform the workplace into a more human-centered experience. Many of our products feature smart lock technology, prioritizing security, convenience, and control. For employees, smart locks simplify daily routines by replacing traditional keys with personalized, secure access, even from a distance.

Simultaneously, workplace administrators benefit from easy access management, gaining valuable insights into usage and adapting to changing needs. This technology seamlessly integrates with workplace systems, creating an environment where convenience and well-being take precedence for all.

Our Name Says it All

Heartwork was founded on the belief that pursuing work we love, coupled with exceptional design, creates an environment where pleasure and productivity can thrive.
As the workplace landscape constantly shifts, our unwavering commitment to four core values remains:


Heartwork is dedicated to anticipating the needs of growing teams and creating modular, mobile, and future-proof storage solutions that adapt to changing company culture, work styles, and technological demands.


Our solutions enable custom configurations that reflect your functional requirements and express your unique brand identity through various colors, patterns, and surfaces.


We engineer commercial-grade products built to withstand the daily rigors of use and cleaning. Our materials, finishes, and manufacturing processes are optimized to ensure our products support you for the long haul.


Heartwork prioritizes sustainability throughout our supply chain and proudly makes all products in the USA. Our primary manufacturing facility relies on solar energy, and our build-to-order approach minimizes our carbon footprint. Our products are GREENGUARD Gold and HPD certified, incorporate recycled materials, and are recyclable at the end of their lifecycle.

We're Heartworkers

We’re more than just a women-led organization with expertise spanning design, product development, manufacturing, distribution, sales, marketing, and customer experience. We’re craftsmen, collaborators, and creative problem-solvers passionate about how workplace design can bolster productivity, culture, and morale.

Karen John, Founder & CEO

Karen John launched Heartwork in September 2012, driven by the growing demand for exceptional workspace design. With a background in industrial design from Domus Academy and experience at a renowned furniture design studio in Milan, Karen earned a master’s degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Stanford University. Her journey also led her to a detour into the tech world, where she played a vital role in launching a startup, gaining firsthand insight into the importance of creative workspaces.

Upon completing her MBA at Insead, Karen joined Design Within Reach, where she initiated and led the product development team before being promoted to VP of Merchandising. Before founding Heartwork, Karen consulted with startups and Fortune 500 companies, focusing on design, product strategy, and brand collaborations with renowned designers.

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