Agile, Customizable, Sustainable, Commercial-Grade Quality

Heartwork lockers are designed to ensure a seamless and successful hybrid work experience.
Made (Well) in the USA with Greenguard GOLD and HPD certification, all of our lockers are
built to last offering a range of design features that allow you to customize your own solution.

Explore Smart Lockers

Designed to support a seamless hybrid work experience, Smart Lockers are an innovative combination of flexible workspace storage and the leading cloud-connected lock technologies.

Base Camp 15W Lockers

Designed for the hybrid workplace, our Base Camp lockers allow maximum flexibility for what teams need today and want tomorrow. 

Choose from modular 2-Door, 3-Door, 4-Door, 5-Door, or Z-Door configurations to create a custom locker wall, mix and match color with any of Heartwork’s ten exclusive powder coat matte finishes. 

Building Block 36W Lockers

Made from heavy-duty steel, fully-welded and finished on all sides, our Building Block 36W lockers come in varying heights to serve as seamless storage walls, as endcaps to a group of desks, or as part of a modular configuration or workbar when combined with other Building Block designs.

Designed for flexibility with caster, plinth or leveler options.

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