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Founded by Leah Westwater in 2016, GIVE Yoga brings a new meaning to community, and togetherness. Focusing on areas that routinely experience chronic stress, Leah is committed to sharing yoga and meditation as a way to help build greater health and community. When creating their German Village, Ohio location, Leah was extremely hands-on in the design process and selected Heartwork Building Block 36W Lockers for members to store their personal belongings. In the Q&A below, Leah shares more about their beautiful space and why Heartwork Lockers were a must-have.











When designing your space, what were your primary goals for the design? 

Keep the integrity of the building — mainly the ex posed brick. And create a space for people to enjoy  each other.  

What was your favorite part of this project?

The neighborhood! As well as a fireplace and creat ing the lighting plan.  

When designing this space, what were a few key  factors that needed to be addressed in terms of  personal storage? 

The lockers needed to be more than your standard  gym lockers. The space is urban yet cozy and the  lockers added texture and color. 

How does our product help your team achieve  their goals? 

Function without sacrificing aesthetic!  

How have the Heartwork lockers been received  by your team and/or members?  

They’re the most gorgeous lockers anyone has ever  seen!  

How has COVID impacted your needs for your  space?  

We have fewer guests and more space for each  guest to stay safe and distanced. 

How have you had to adjust your space to meet  the needs of your clients during COVID?

Numbered mat and locker spots and smaller class  sizes. 

Anything else to share? 

Thank you for making beautiful, quality products!



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