Heartwork's Smart Locker Pilot Program

A quick solution for a long term challenge

Why Pilot with Smart Lockers?

  • Companies need data to evaluate and justify their ROI
  • Storage offers a simple, clean way to get data immediately and act upon it
  • Unique data set illustrates occupancy, employee flow, and preferences
  • Gain a full understanding of how your team is using the space, what size storage is the highest in demand, and what areas need more attention

Easy & Approachable App-Based Smart Lock Technology

  • Touchless user access via app
  • Remote reservation for a seamless user experience
  • 24/7 support for users and managers
  • Cloud-based manager access, assignment, and override function - no need to add another ring of keys!
  • Wireless battery-operated locks with in-dashboard battery life indicator
  • Live utilization, audit trail, and historical reporting
  • Programmable time controlled feature and auto unlock countdown
  • Option to integrate into company based app after pilot program

Test, Learn, Iterate

Choose or combine bundles that meet your unique needs

Heartwork Building Block 36W Lockers

4 different locker configurations to choose from

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