Define Neighborhoods and Create Space

Heartwork Building Block Endcaps and Work Aisles allow you to indicate neighborhoods, create unique spaces for a variety of flexible work, and provide a place to store what is most important to you. Combine any of the 36W and 24W pieces from our Building Block Collection to construct your custom 60"W x 18"D endcap. Work aisles can be created from any of Heartwork's 36W Building Block Collection, starting at 72"W x 18"D and stretching as wide as you need. Mix and match colors and surfaces to personalize and define your one of a kind space.

Explore the Building Block Collection

Combine any of Heartwork's 3H Building Block pieces to create your Work Aisle or Endcap. Whether you need a space for filing or some much needed team storage, our Building Block Collection has the solution. Mix and match colors and surfaces to create your personalized solution. Click below to explore the full collection!

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