Heartwork's Color System

Purposefully Crafted to Integrate Harmoniously with Any Environment

We Believe in the Power of Color

We approach color the same way we do product design - with intention - thinking about scale, versatility, and context within the broader built environment. 

We embrace the materiality of steel which delivers not only strength and durability but also beauty. Steel’s elemental presence serves as the perfect canvas for our exclusive color system which we’ve developed in collaboration with designer, Laura Guido-Clark, the Founder of Love Good Color.

Create Engaging Experiences with Color

Color is a catalyst that has the power to create unique experiences.  Whether you are creating a welcoming neutral backdrop to encourage engagement or layering a pop of color to energize a space, our color system empowers designers to utilize color to create a unique and desired experience within their environments.

Engage the Senses

With Heartwork, you can go beyond color to engage the senses. From our matte-textured finishes to options for perforated elements that encourage the play of natural light throughout the space. Play with finish, layering color and perforation together to add depth and tactility.

Utilize Color as a Powerful Neutral

While color is often associated with boldness, color treated as a neutral can have a subtle yet powerful impact on the overall experience of a space. No longer are “gray and beige” your only option for neutrals, we have created a palette that integrates beautifully with natural materials such as wood and stone. These colored-neutrals add depth and character while balancing your space.

"Heartwork's color system evolved from an understanding of what we need now emotionally and what resonates in today’s world. Together the palette creates a holistic experience, with each of the colors striking a different chord in saturation and brightness, giving you the freedom to mix and match in the way you desire."

Laura Guido-Clark | Founder of Love Good Color

Need Swatches?

Elevate Your Environment

Our colors not only harmonize effortlessly with one another but also complement a diverse array of materials, enriching the broader palette of any setting.

Heartwork's Materials

Our surfaces add another level of customization with a wide array of options to choose from. Newly added woodgrain laminates have been meticulously curated to perfectly complement our color offerings, and with other elements within the space. 

Creating place is more important than ever and we believe in the power of color to do so.

With a focus on flexibility and functionality, a l m project successfully transformed a historic building into a modern workspace that fosters creativity, inclusion, and connection.
With designing a more sustainable future top of mind, we love learning ways that within the design community we can make a positive impact. After 25+ years of successfully leading Steelcase brands, Lew Epstein is dedicated to helping the design community advance climate action now. 
We Heart Designers. And we love getting to know what drives and inspires them each day. Haley Nelson, Design Principal and National Interior Design Expertise Leader for HGA, is a standout within the industry. She is working to redefine ideas around design and how we approach projects. 

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