Heartwork's Fusion of Style, Function, and Smart Technology

It's no secret that lockers are often perceived as cumbersome, practical, and unattractive. However, Heartwork's contemporary lockers transform this notion by seamlessly blending design and smart technology, offering both style and functionality. It's time to reconsider your understanding of lockers and embrace their modern evolution – a complete reinvention.

Heartwork's lockers showcase a matte powder coat finish, options finished on all sides, multiple base options (casters, levelers, and plinth), and exclusive colors that draw the eye and engage the user's senses. With a focus on the details, these lockers celebrate steel construction over laminate, featuring soft-close hinges and optional perforation for light and air.

Wireless Smart Locker Experience

Embrace the evolution of lockers designed to meet the ever-changing needs of modern workspaces.

The Modern Workplace

Frequently, employee personal storage is not given much consideration in workplace design. As collaborative spaces increase and personal desks decrease, employees may feel a loss of a 'home base' and lack a designated space for their belongings.

However, smart lockers offer more than just storage—they serve as a tastefully designed addition to the office, a reflection of your company's brand. When implemented effectively, smart lockers can assist employees in smoothly adapting to a hybrid work model.

Smart Lockers Deliver Convenience, Adaptability, Data-driven Insights, and Sophisticated Design for Today's Workspaces

User Experience

Creating a positive impression during an employee's initial days in the office is crucial. 

  • Smart Lockers access: RFID card, mobile credential (smartphone/wearable), app, or 4-digit PIN
  • Smart lockers: straightforward, easy to use, beautifully designed; wired locks for no door-mounted locks; wireless locks with streamlined, intuitive design door lock.


Discover locker configurations tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Lockers can be configured: on-the-fly unassigned, permanently assigned, for exchanging goods, or a combination of.
  • Customizable lockers: no one-size-fits-all approach; create any configuration with varied or uniform locker sizes to suit your needs.

Data & Reporting

Insight into what is working and what’s falling short is crucial in the hybrid workplace strategy.

  • Macro and micro-level reporting: track locker usage frequency.
  • Monitor locker banks: identify high-capacity and underutilized areas.
  • Monitor lockers: Identify lockers that are occupied but never actively used.

Locker Design

Heartwork's lockers not only reflect your brand values but also provide modular and flexible solutions that keep up with the ever-changing workplace

  • Customizable options: Choose from various locker configurations, colors, and door styles to create your ideal solution.
  • Seamless integration: Design custom solutions that effortlessly blend with other Heartwork products like workbars, endcaps, and work aislesfor a cohesive office space.

Experience Smart Lockers First Hand

Ready to revolutionize your workspace?

Wired, Networked Smart Locks

Our range of wired lock options offers further customization. Wired locks eliminate the need to manage batteries and offer network setup and data storage options.

Wireless Smart Lockers

The cloud-based, wireless smart locker system is flexible for organizations, providing user-friendly access and customization. Designed for seamless integrations, global scalability, and simplified locker management, enhancing the overall user experience.

Unsure Which Solution Suits Your Needs?

Try Heartwork's Smart Locker Pilot Program to gain valuable, data rich insights into how smart lockers can support your unique space

Discover the Heartwork Difference: Your Trusted Partner

Partnering with Heartwork means embarking on a journey where every detail is meticulously attended to, from design and technology to installation and delivery. Our high-design products are crafted to marry aesthetics and functionality, featuring matte powder coat finishes, visually appealing locker options, multiple base choices, and exclusive colors to elevate your office space.

At Heartwork, we prioritize quality over everything else, opting for steel construction instead of laminate, and paying attention to the finer details such as soft-close hinges and optional perforations for light and air. Sustainability is at the core of our values, with products Made(Well) in the USA and a made-to-order model.

Our easy installation process, adaptability, and compatibility with multiple lock technology partners ensure a custom solution tailored to your needs. Explore our Building Block and Base Camp Locker Collections to discover the perfect partnership with Heartwork.

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