Work From Anywhere

Heartwork Smart Lockers power mobility with tech-enabled, flexible lockers that give people
the freedom to live and work from anywhere.

Provide a Seamless Workflow

We Are Re-envisioning Storage for the Future of Work

Work is no longer happening in one, stationary location.  Heartwork Smart Lockers provide an easy and safe way to store personal items, team projects and more! Deliver the ultimate hybrid work experience through remote reservation and touchless access via app or badge. 

Smart technology provides live and historical reporting with valuable insights and understanding to how teams want to work and be best supported.  Now you can see what your employees want to work their best and plan a better experience for everyone.

Why Companies Love Smart Lockers

Deliver superior employee experience for multiple locations with easy and instant remote assignment and management.  Heartwork’s Smart Lockers enhance security with a time-stamped documentation trail.

Our Smart Lockers allow you to easily plan and adapt to changing hybrid needs with access to usage patterns and needs over time.

Why Employees Love Smart Lockers

Work when and where you want with easy remote reservation.  Using a smart app or your own building access badge eliminates all the unnecessary and redundant login credentials. Enjoy shared, dedicated or team lockers that are based on your needs. 

Be more productive. Get more done. 

Personalize Your Smart Locker

Heartwork’s Smart Lockers combine innovative design and commercial-grade quality. We’ve partnered with the leading cloud-connected lock technologies allowing you to tailor a solution that meets your team's requirements for hybrid work - in both form and function. 
Choose from ten exclusive Heartwork colors and finishes.

Bring Your Future Forward with Heartwork Smart Lockers

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