Does Your Office Have Moxie? How Cool is Your Office?

  • 2 min read

We at Heartwork think every really great workspace has a good dose of moxie. Moxie is more than just spirit, it has an element of courage and determinism which every small business owner, entrepreneur and artist needs. Most important, moxie is personal just like any good workspace should be. Here are just a few examples that have inspired us lately.... 

The Office of Sonja Teris, Founder of Poster Child Prints
The wall of posters represents the company's passion and work. Bold color with a red metal desk and Eames shell chairs is balanced with worn wood floors, communicating both energy and warmth. This space feels personal and we like that!

Erin Jang, graphic designer and illustrator of The Indigo Bunting, at her desk.
Bright and bold patterns. We love this image where there is art in her inspiration work board, her computer screen (literally) and her top! Don't forget your clothes can also add moxie to your workspace.  

Office of illustrator Paula Mills
We can tell by her office that Paula gets her inspiration from many cultures. She has global moxie and not to mix old and new, with near and far. Are the suitcases additional office storage, or is she off on her next adventure?


Studio/office of Lisa Congdon, an artist in San Francisco. 
Some nice character to this office; mix-matched chairs and tables with different shapes and sizes, yet all in white.
The unfinished floor is raw and a great juxtapose for the varied art work. And, yes, "I'm OK". Are you? 

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