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In the 80’s it was called “Hard Work”. Then, in the 90’s it became “Smart Work”. After 2000 it was just “Work Work”. Today, after the long and lingering recession may we suggest “Heartwork”?

What makes Heartwork? Heartwork is doing what you love. If you can do it for good money, hats off. Heartwork is not defined by the type of work you do nor does it discriminate by industry, level of education, income, ethnicity or sex. Everyone is welcome. Rather, Heartwork is defined and united by a common purpose: People committed to doing something they care about and doing it well.

By Jason Bacher (


Heartwork is not a new idea. In fact, it has close ties to our American history and culture. Our country was founded on freedom and each individual's right to pursue the American Dream. Today there are over 28 million small businesses[1] in the US representing 86% of our country's $15 trillion economy[2]. And in spite of the recession, these small and mighty are responsible for driving the recovery by creating every two out of three new jobs.[2]

Steve Jobs during his early days at Apple (

Why our Heartwork? Simply put, we created Heartwork to support your Heartwork. We believe in good design and that a considered workplace is a better workplace – one that can be more productive and enjoyable. Whether you are working alone, in pairs, small teams or large teams, your place of work should reflect your company’s unique culture and how you work best.


Our blog will share and support ideas and inspiration from a diverse community made up of entrepreneurs, designers and manufacturers – united by doing what they love. Stay tuned.



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