That’s So Mint: Why We Love the Color

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Color is important. Whether or not you are conscious of it, it effects how you feel in your space. Most people shy away from picking colors for the work space because it is an intimidating process and they don’t want to pick the wrong one. That’s why Heartwork collaborated with color genius Laura Guido-Clark of LGC Design [] to develop six exclusive colors that would enhance any office space. Here, Laura tells us all about what went into creating the Heartwork shade of Mint, which just may be our favorite. (Please don’t tell red.)

1. Why is Mint a good color for the workplace?

It is a calming color and yet there is a freshness to it that keeps you alert.

 2. Tell us what inspired you to create this shade of Mint.

 I sensed that we were craving a bit of familiarity, a hint of nostalgia and the comfort from the past, yet also seeking a modern, fresh vision for the future. This color seemed perfect to create that emotional connection bridging the two. We began testing many different colors to find the perfect one. It had to be clean, but not pastel -- a tinge of gray, without being institutional.



Vintage inspiration mixing Mint with Red and Yellow

3. Which colors work well with Mint? And since you also specialize in materials, please share with us which materials work well with Mint?

Mint is the quintessential chameleon. When it is with colors, it plays the part of the neutral. It easily mixes and matches with the other Heartwork colors (Red, Yellow, White, Charcoal, Teal) to create various color experiences. When it is with neutrals, it acts as the color. It grounds cool metals such as aluminum and stainless and acts as a fresh catalyst with woods such as Ash, White Oak, Walnut and any black-stained wood.


Mixing Mint with neutrals and white-bleached floors

4. What is your favorite Mint product at Heartwork?

 I adore the Cargo Cabinet with Shelves. It’s a giant dose of “calmness” on wheels, while organizing and storing any big mess.

5. What advice would you give someone who is looking to add some color into their office?

Think about how you want to work and feel daily.  Think about the scale of the products in your space.  You can use color judiciously. For example, if you want to feel a fresh jolt each day, you might choose neutral walls and furniture but add a bookshelf in Red.  If you want to feel calm and comforted choose soothing colors, like a row of mint bookshelves against a pale grey wall.  Either way, let color satiate your emotional needs.

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