Some Call it Storage...

Your stuff matters, and so does where you put it.

In the past, storage was often an afterthought, relegated to under a desk. But, today our hybrid way of living and working allows storage to be central part to designing any space. It creates an opportunity to connect people with the space and each other, while providing a safe and secure homebase in a world of continuous change.

We've teamed up with Reid Schlegel, a talented designer to help us visually bring to life all the ways you can create and redefine your space with our modular Building Block Collection.

Be surprised by the possibilities you'll find at Heartwork.

Building Block Stacker

Heartwork's new Building Block Stacker, is a versatile open storage module that can be added onto any Building Block piece for added display and personalization. Utilize color and perforation for another layer of design.

Building Block Open Hutch

Modular, colorful and endlessly configureable, these versatile units allow you to tailor storage solutions for your needs. This modern hutch includes shelves and hooks and is ready for anything from shoes to bags, to books and more.

Building Block 36W Locker

No longer confined to gyms and schools, lockers have found thier place in our modern work and life. Our contemporary lockers redefine secure and stylish storage for hot-deskers at the office, and everywhere else - labs, workshops, hotels.

36W Storage Mounted Planter

Heartwork's solid and perforated planters are a beautiful way to divide space or create privacy where needed, while introducing soothing greenery for a healthier environment.

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