Details by Design: Heartwork’s Flexible Space Solutions

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What makes a space memorable?
It’s often the details that leave a lasting impression. At Heartwork, we understand how important these details are to your everyday experience.

Meet the storage units we’ve designed inside and out to make your space organized, eye-catching, and full of heart. It’s our intention that through the details, we can improve the quality of your experience. Today, more than ever, expectations for a well-appointed workspace — outfitted with furnishings that communicate care and an eye for detail — can actually make the office a place people want to be. 

Heartwork’s Base Camp and Building Block lockers are made with Blum soft-close euro hinges for effective sound dampening. Gone are the slamming locker doors of high school, minimizing noise and distractions in high-traffic environments. Heartwork’s lockers give people a secure location to store what is most important to them while adding a pop of color to the office.

Heartwork Building Block Lockers

Heartwork’s signature perforated steel fronts and backs on the Active Duty Assistant help natural light permeate the space and allow airflow to the contents within, especially maximizing ventilation for electronics and computer equipment. Integrated side pulls and commercial-grade casters seamlessly allow you to relocate when and where needed.  

Haertwork Active Duty Assistant

The Building Block Collection celebrates sheet-steel construction that allows us to wrap each corner with perfectly flat and aligned signature folds. Fully welded, each product is designed for quality, longevity, and to ensure there is no racking. Heartwork’s Building Block Cabinets and Lateral Files are set with our signature circular flush pull which utilizes a double stamp and press process, creating a smooth, rounded edge that’s comfortable and smooth to the touch

Heartwork Building Block Cabinets
The Active Duty Recycling Credenza is available with heavy-duty commercial-grade casters to smoothly roll on any flooring surface, whether carpet, tile, or concrete. Ideal to move throughout the space when you need quick and easy access to clean up after a project or event.  The credenza ships completely welded with a cardboard ramp to easily roll off the pallet and install immediately, no assembly required. 

Heartwork Recycling Credenza

We’ve even applied attention to detail to our keys as well. Included with all lockable Heartwork products are sturdy brushed-steel heart-shaped keys that help to distinguish from the other keys on a ring or in a drawer; saving both time and patience when you need to quickly find a key to access your filing drawer or storage cabinet.

Heartwork key

Now, more than ever, as flexible work is on the rise, the experience of coming into the office is all that more important.  Giving people a place to come and collaborate that allows them to seamlessly move throughout their day promotes well-being and engagement. 

Here at Heartwork, empowering teams and individuals to do their best work from anywhere is at the heart of what we do.  

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